Palace Station Casino Resort Review

Palace Station Casino Resort Las Vegas Review
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Palace Station Casino Resort Las Vegas

Let us start by saying that this is one of the Las Vegas hotels that puts your interests first. Why? The reason is that none of the two separate buildings allows smoking. Isn’t this a good thing? You’d say so. Many people who put up buildings do not seem to care what happens inside the buildings. But now, it is a good thing that the operator understands and puts rules.

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Palace Station Casino Resort Review

Now that you know the first reason why you should be here let’s move forward. The two separate buildings that makeup Palace Hotel are clean. One of them has glass elevators. Think of that? The other one is a two-story courtyard building. Both of these structures are an epitome of Las Vegas. They are not any different from other buildings around. Even the color of the paint is similar to most that are around.

Bright Colors

Inside the facility, there are plenty of bright colors. You can see flashlights, glitz, and noise, the kind that will tell where you are. However, there is nothing conventional here. Each business has its color, decoration, and style. So, what are you planning to find in this facility? Without a doubt, there are restaurants, pubs, bars and a casino.

Anybody is welcome to the facility. When you walk into the facility, you will realize that there are locals and foreigners. Are you the kind of person who is tired of visiting Strip facilities? Above all, this is the ideal place to enjoy your leisure time. The facility is only 5 minutes from the Strip. No wonder that is the reason why many business travelers prefer to book at the Palace.

Basic Clean And Spacious Amenities

Rooms in the facility come with essential amenities. The beautiful thing is that they are clean and spacious. But there is different in both the price and the size of the rooms. Those rooms that are in the Courtyard Building are small. The good thing is that they are affordable.

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The Palace Station Casino Gaming Experience

When it comes to gaming, the facility offers many options to the player. Punters who are looking for a place to enjoy gaming can visit the casino. It is not a must to watch for online bookie software. You only need to visit the facility. Apart from slots, you will play table games and bingo. The resort also offers sports and a racebook. So, what are you waiting for? Palace is one of Las Vegas hotels that will ensure you will come back.

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Palace Station Casino Resort Las Vegas
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  • Wheelchair access
  • Accept credit cards
  • Kids corner
  • Car parking
  • Gift wrapping
  • Bike parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Alcohol
  • Reservations
  • Street Parking
  • Breakfast and Meals
  • Chauffer Check-In
  • Pick Up/ Drop Off Service
  • Car parking
  • Luggage Forwarding Service
  • Pick Up/ Drop Off Service
  • Movie Library
  • Bar
  • Private Dining Hall
  • Locker Room
  • Hot tub
  • Fitness Centre