Drai’s After Hours Club In The Cromwell Review

Drai’s After Hours Las Vegas Club In The Cromwell Review
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Drai’s After Hours Las Vegas Club In The Cromwell

The name Drai’s After Hours is enough to tell you what you expect. Yes, you expect nothing but the best after hours. Probably the after hours thing is the after a hard day’s work. Everyone needs to rest. When you check into this after hours house, you’ll expect to relax. If not so, then it is nothing that they are saying. Anyway, this nightlife facility is inside The Cromwell.

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Drai’s After Hours Las Vegas Club In The Cromwell Review

The Drai’s management is quick to point out that the facility doesn’t open all days. But the beauty is that it is opening most day of the week. Later in this review, we’ll point out at the exact number of nights the club will remain open. Interestingly, unlike most nightclubs in Las Vegas, Drai’s works differently. In fact, the nightclub opens when others are almost closing.

Here is the opening and closing timetable:

· Thursday: 1:00AM to 8:00AM.

· Friday: 1:00AM to 8:00AM.

· Saturday: 1:00AM to 8:00AM.

· Sunday: 1:00AM to 8:00AM.

After giving you the timetable, it is ideal to provide you with the contact number. Above all, this is the telephone number you will need to call in cases you need to book a table. Alternatively, if you want to make any special reservations, you will need to call this number. You will find a sales agent at the booth who will help you. The number is (702) 737-0555. Inside Drai’s After Hours, the mode of payment is in the form of cash. Alternatively, you can also use any major credit card. They are also applicable. It is likely that you will find your preferred mode of payment.

Guidelines For Dress Code

The facility is keen on various things. Among them is what clients wear. The other thing is the entrant age. For you to enter the Drai’s nightclub, you must be 21 years and above. On what to wear, the management has set specific guidelines. While the administration does not specify what to wear, it says what you don’t. The following are some of the things you are not supposed to wear:

· Sneakers.

· Baggy jeans.

· Tank tops.

If you wear anything that the management sees unfit, you don’t enter. The management reserves the right to stop anyone from entering the resort casino .


Soothing Dark Lights On The Dance Floor

While inside the facility, you will notice that the dance floor is fitting. The dark lights make visitors calm down from the glowing shines of regular clubs. Leather seats are the fashion. When you sit on the deep couch, you are bound to forget about every other problem. But you do this responsibly. It is also good to remember that if you are using a wheelchair, do not worry. It can easily access the dance floor. By the way, the dance floor is another thing you’ll admire.

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What is funny is that if you remain inside the club until it closes, you will head straight to the office. Why? The club shuts its doors at 8 AM.

Drai’s After Hours Prices

· Beer prices start from $10.

· Bottle services start from $500.

· Cocktails prices start from as low as $12.

· Male entry fee is $30.

· Female entry fee is $20.

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Drai’s After Hours Las Vegas Club
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