Gordon Ramsay Burger Restaurant Review

Gordon Ramsay Burger Las Vegas Restaurant Review
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Gordon Ramsay Burger Las Vegas Restaurant

Are you a lover of burger? Okay, let’s ask it this way, do you want to enjoy a burger? There is a quick, softer and the ideal way. The only way is to check in to Gordon Ramsay Burger Las Vegas. Here, your tongue and mouth will get in touch with a celebrity chef. Commonly known as Chef Gordon, he brings his prowess to Las Vegas.

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Gordon Ramsay Burger Las Vegas Restaurant Review

The restuarant is strategically set inside the Planet Hollywood, Gordon Ramsay is the place you need. Well, do not think that chef Gordon only specializes in a burger. Also, this is the invitational burger. It will open a wide range of options for you. By the way, while you are at the Strip, you will learn that this is a good place. There are reasons for this. At the Gordon Ramsey, you will access many other things.

For instance, it is pretty much easy to stop by Miracle Mile Shops. It doesn’t matter what you wear when coming. But there is a bit of advice. Also, this is a high-end eatery. Prepare yourself to be messy. So, now that you know what you are coming to do, it is up to you. Our advice is that you know in advance that things are at the top-notch here. You will not leave the place until you are full. The guarantee is that you will be full. Whether it is a brunch, lunch or dinner, all you will do is to go and sleep. You’ll be full.

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Inside The High-End Planet Hollywood Restuarant

As you check in, you’ll notice a big welcome. It may not be a person saying welcome, although this happens. This time, it is on the walls. They come in bright creamy colors. Not something dull! There are overhead HD TVs to offer you cable news and entertainment. Music is soothing. It is true that the line may be extended. That means waiting time may be a bit longer. But you know what! It is worth waiting. The scent, the sweet and the aroma from meals around! Oh, they are inviting!

Here is a tip: if you are two or more, talk to the attendant. There are chances that you will get the services faster. Also, this is in order. It means if you continue staying on the line, it is a lot more people.

You Don’t Eat Burger, What Will You Eat?

There is an open fire at the restaurant where you can see beef patties roast. Is this your favorite? Then now you know that this is the right place.
For your information, Gordon Ramsay Las Vegas is the only place in the Strip to do this. Other facilities use different methods. But clients seem to prefer this open fire method. What is more, the fire comes out of natural wood. How can you imagine that Gordon Ramsay can have a burger without fries? Well, now you know. You can find chips here. Chipotle ketchup, curry ketchup, Kennebec potatoes are among other delicacies. If you are a vegetarian, you can think of the savory Portobello Burger. Above all, this is a nice option.

Other options At Gordon Ramsay Burger Las Vegas Restaurant

· Chicken Saltimbocca Sliders.
· Kettle Chip Nachos.
· Mushroom Poutine.
· Beer Battered Onion Rings.
Are you a group of 14 or more, call (702) 731-7778. For more information about Gordon Ramsay Burger, Las Vegas visit www.gordonramsayrestaurants.com.

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Gordon Ramsay Burger Las Vegas Restaurant
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